Sunday, November 24, 2013

Friends: Emma's Sports Car [REVIEW]

Emma's Sports Car
Set # 41013
159 pieces
Ages 5-12
Released 2013

Box Front
Box Back

 How many cars does Emma have? This one is pretty sweet though. She and her kitty seem to be going to a ride around Heartlake City.

Box Contents

Inside the box we get an instruction booklet, a sticker sheet, a small bag and two large bags.

Small Bag Contents
1st Large Bag Contents
2nd Large Bag Contents

I don't normally like vehicle sets, but this one came with some pretty cool pieces. I'm particularly excited about the cell phone, the camera, the book, the flowers, the purse, the kitty and the dark pink wheel arches.

Picnic Area
I like that the set included some scenery. We have a bulletin board that the map of Heartlake city is on, a directional sign, and a picnic table. There are some neat details. The picnic table has a small sandwich, a water bottle, the cell phone, and camera with lens. On the bench is a book. You can't see in the photo, but the extra yellow and white flowers are placed inside, maybe to be pressed? I thought that was cute.

The car is really neat. I would have liked the car to be a little more monochromatic, but I do like that I get those colors in the set. It's a Catch 22 I suppose. There is room for a passenger, and there's even a steering wheel! Boy howdy, it's a deluxe model. Of the Lego vehicle sets I do have, I like the shape of this one a lot more than most.

Emma's outfit is pretty. A nice boat neck top with a dark pink skirt. I know we've seen the shoe print before, but I still like it.

Extra Pieces

Eight extra pieces. Bonus. An extra flower, my favorite!

I didn't think I would like this set as much as I do. It was a pleasant surprise. I guess that happens when you don't expect much.

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