Tuesday, March 26, 2013

My LEGO Journal

This is my LEGO journal. It’s nothing fancy. I use to it keep track of my ideas while I’m building and my thoughts about how I feel after it’s finished.

I just used an extra spiral notebook I had laying around. I threw a label on it and decorated it with stickers.

The First Build Means Something

I decided, in honor of my first post, I would reflect on my first real build after my “dark ages.” This was built from September - December 2011. I didn’t have many sets at the time. I ended up getting some City Police sets because they had a lot of white pieces. There are also pieces from Harry Potter’s The Burrow set. This set was really inspiring - it being a house and all.

Clockwise from left: Master bedroom, dining room, kitchen, foyer, living
room, guest bedroom, guest bathroom, master bathroom