Tuesday, March 26, 2013

The First Build Means Something

I decided, in honor of my first post, I would reflect on my first real build after my “dark ages.” This was built from September - December 2011. I didn’t have many sets at the time. I ended up getting some City Police sets because they had a lot of white pieces. There are also pieces from Harry Potter’s The Burrow set. This set was really inspiring - it being a house and all.

Clockwise from left: Master bedroom, dining room, kitchen, foyer, living
room, guest bedroom, guest bathroom, master bathroom

There are things I really love about it, and I remember being quite proud when I finished. It’s funny seeing the simplicity of my building, but the level of details, for the lack of sets I owned at the time, is astounding. I realized, looking back, that I don’t put as many accessories in my builds now. I haven’t looked at these pictures since I took them and I am surprised at my creativity. But cell phone pictures are awful! And don’t use flash. 
Garage with a pick-up truck and red sports car I made, and the car from
this set.
Better view of the pick-up truck. I don’t make vehicles because of the
frustration that emerged from building this!
Entrance. The doorbell really worked. It’s a sound brick from this set.
My dogs hated it, as the brick has dogs barking. I loved my tile
work, as I didn’t have many tiles at the time
Here in the entrance hallway. You can’t see it but The Burrow grandfather
clock is closest to the door. I also just noticed that the briefcase fell in the
storage crate and did not stay on the table. There is a key hanging, and a
lamp on a small table. The blue stripe again came from lack of tiles.
Actually that’s how a lot of my floor patterns still come about; lack of a
specific color.
The kitchen! Details include: Floor lamp, microwave, coffee maker, sink,
radio, stove/oven, refrigerator, hanging pots and pans, broom, clock
and in the middle a nice size island.
Here is the dining room. Hardwood floors, weapon decorations, and a
table for two.
The master bedroom. This I do not like. The bed blends right into the floor.
Shame on me. It includes a floor lamp, storage trunk, dresser, and
attached bath.
On the left is the master bathroom. Includes toilet, sink, shower, and
bathtub. On the right is the guest bathroom. Includes shower, special
limited edition yellow
toilet, and sink.
On the left is the guest bedroom. Includes dresser, bed, and nightstand. On
the top is a small computer desk that you can’t really see. On the right is
the living room that features a reclining sofa, swivel chairs, fireplace with
TV above and coffee table.

The sheer size of the house is impressive. Then I learned to use stairs.

I also made a quick video of the house that includes the back yard and barn areas.

Do you remember your first build? If so, what was it?

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  1. This looks amazing! Sometimes I try using tiles in my Lego buildings but for me its kinda hard because I can't find all the right pieces. Anyways this looks really cool. :P