Tuesday, March 26, 2013

My LEGO Journal

This is my LEGO journal. It’s nothing fancy. I use to it keep track of my ideas while I’m building and my thoughts about how I feel after it’s finished.

I just used an extra spiral notebook I had laying around. I threw a label on it and decorated it with stickers.

I use graph paper to record the floor plans of my builds. Underneath will usually be notes. I think this a great way to remember some proportions of what worked well - or didn’t work at all.

When the build is two stories (shown left), I just layer the paper so it can be lifted to show the floors below it. If
the build is larger than the journal
(shown right)
, I will fold a portion under so it fits nice and neat.

Sometimes I add pictures if the build doesn’t warrant a blueprint. Here I labeled each picture for when I’m old and can’t figure out what anything is. (Or maybe for when the aliens take over and want to know what humans did in their spare time.)

My most recent build: Primary Park. You can see it here.

I try to take notes before and during building. This is where I write down things that pop in my head that I don’t want to forget. Even if I don’t use everything I know I didn’t leave anything out.

This is my current work in progress (WIP). I made note of the color schemes I want to use
(or end up using), and details I want to include. If I didn’t use it I just crossed it out.

I also keep a list of projects I would like to work on in the future. It's easily located on the back cover of the journal for reference. As one pops in my head I just add it to the list! 
I've got some building to do!

My LEGO journal is great for reflecting back on a build that I may not think about often. It’s also a nice way to keep track of growth in technique and style.

Do you keep a LEGO journal? What do you use yours for?


  1. Awesome journal! I have a few scribbles here and there, but it's not organized. I suppose a lot of my ideas end up as photographs that I put in my flickr account.

  2. Very impressive journal! I usually come up with an idea and draw the blueprint, then start building. But most of the time I don't stick to the blueprint because I always rethink the design as I go. But the format of your journal is very good! Maybe I should keep the floor plan of my finished builds in a journal so that I can improve upon my own ideas in the future. :)

    Good job!