Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Felicia's Flowers & Cloud Coffee [MOC]

I was looking through my list of ideas to see what I should make next. The flower shop caught my eye. I started to build it on a 32x32 stud baseplate, and realized it was way too big. Meanwhile, I was on the Friends Bricks forum and found a thread about the Friends Special Edition magazine in the UK. There were some printable instructions that, coincidentally, had a flower shop and a walk up café together. This made me realize that I've been wanting to make a coffee shop as well.

This is what I came up with:

Both buildings have solar panels on their roof. There are also some
electrical boxes and A/C unit.

I think this could be on any neighborhood Main Street. I wanted to make it colorful on the outside but not overwhelming. I tried to make the color scheme match the feel of each store. The flower shop is mostly tan and makes me think of the warmth of being outside with the flowers. The blues of the coffee shop makes me think of a soothing, cloudy day where you want to curl up with a cup of java.

Aerial view

I went in knowing exactly what I wanted to build in the flower shop, but not necessarily where to put it all. I had all of the guts built, but I had trouble with the layout. 

I originally wanted to cash register area towards the door, but it didn't flow well. I always try to build as if a child would be playing when I'm done (even if I don't have any). I ended up putting the register in the back on both builds as the stores are narrow and it seemed the most logical.

Felicia is ready to help you with your floral order

I tried to include as many accessories as I could think of. I added a cash register, telephone, computer to keep track of orders, a sink, a clipboard for the days orders, a broom, pruning shears, and watering can. Peter is picking up some flowers for his wife for their anniversary. Felicia is wearing an apron and has a pen in her hair.

When I started the coffee shop, I knew I wanted a simple store, not something complicated that makes breakfast sandwiches and snacks. 

This build was easier for me to figure out where I wanted everything. I like the amount of activity happening that lets your eye travel throughout the build.

Mia is hard at work making espressos and taking money for cups of coffee

In Cloud Coffee we have an espresso machine, coffee machine, dishwasher, sink, refrigerator with juice and milk, coffee cups, chairs and tables, and a coffee station with carafes filled with hot coffee (regular and decaf), milk and sugar. Mia is taking orders and money, Olivia and Sarah are waiting in line to order, Andrea and Stephanie are catching up on all of the gossip, and Emma is working on a report for school about, uh, socks. Yeah, socks.

I'm proud of this build. I tried to add more detail as I noticed that was something I had been lacking in recent builds.

You can see more pictures on my Flickr page.

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