Sunday, December 1, 2013

Friends: Advent Calendar Day 1 [REVIEW]

Advent Calendar
Set # 41016
213 pieces
Ages 5-12
Released 2013

I thought it would be nice to share the Advent Calendar experience with those who didn't get the set.

Box Front

Box Back

I'm a little bummed that the back of the box shows which days has what is inside. It should be a surprise!

Box Inside

I've never had an advent calendar before so I was unaware of the neat display mat inside. I'll be saving that for future builds!

DAY 1:

Open up!

We open up Day 1 and we get Stephanie! There is also an advertisement showing off some Friends sets.


Here's a closer look at Stephanie. Her outfit is great. This will add some variety to the Friends clothing options! The scarf and boots are a really nice touch.

Hope to see you tomorrow for Day 2!

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