Thursday, January 2, 2014

City: Lego City Starter Set [REVIEW]

Lego City Starter Set  
Set # 60023  
272 pieces  
Ages 5+  
Released 2013 

The Lego City Starter Set is just what it says - a starter set. It covers some of the major sub-themes covered in the City theme.

Box Front
Box Back

The set includes an ambulance, a fire truck, a police motorcycle, and five minifigures.

Box Contents
The box contains three instruction books, a short comic book, two sticker sheets, and three bags.

Bag 1 Contents
There's nothing particularly exciting in the first bag, but I won't pass up money and gold tiles, as well as the jewel pieces.
Bag 1 Build
Bag 2 Contents
This bag, for me, has some more exciting pieces. I like the red wheel arches, the orange skateboard, the sewer round 2x2 tile, and the white doors. I also like the boy's torso.

Bag 2 Build


Bag 3 Contents
This bag doesn't hold anything particularly exciting for me either, although I don't think I can get enough of the large flame pieces. The hood of the fire truck is an interesting piece and it may actually inspire me to try to make a vehicle, for once.

Bag 3 Build

Fire Truck

City Vehicles

The City vehicles are ready to help, whether it be for fire, injury, or robbery!

Police Officer
The police officer is wearing gray gloves, and has printing on both sides of the torso. 

The robber has his mask on for sneaking around, a dastardly mustache, and a hairy chest! He only has printing on the front of the torso, which is unfortunate. It would have been nice to have the stripes all the way around.

The EMT has printing on both sides of his torso, but the white is more of a pink, as the red is showing through.

This is my favorite minifigure of the set. His torso has printing on both sides, and his freckles are adorable!

Fire Fighter
This fire fighter not only has double sided printing on his torso, but he has front printing on his legs. It is the little things that add interest to the minifigure and he looks great.

Extra Pieces
There are twelve extra pieces in the set.

This set would be perfect for a younger child starting to get into Lego. It has three vehicles and lots of minifigures for tons of playability. This isn't my favorite set, but it sure is cute.

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