Friday, January 3, 2014

Friends: Hedgehog's Hideaway [REVIEW]

Hedgehog's Hideaway  
Set # 41020   
34 pieces    
Ages 5-12   
Released 2013
This hedgehog is so cute! Let's take a look at the Hedgehog's Hideaway.

Bag Contents
This set contains the hedgehog in a new color (and gender), and some rare dark red leaf pieces. The pitchfork is cool too, which isn't in too many sets either.

Completed Build
The build is adorable. I like that they didn't build up, as the hedgehog is a low, waddling animal. They typically hide and sleep in a bush, under a rock, or in a hole. The set really reflects that it I find it charming. Although, the apple is almost as big as she is!

Extra Pieces

There are five extra pieces. The pink tile is nice, but nothing exciting.

I love the hedgehog. She is my favorite of the series 2 animal packs. For a small set, I think it offers a good amount a playability. Kids will like the animal, and adults will like the pieces available.

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