Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Friends: Puppy's Playhouse [REVIEW]

Puppy's Playhouse
Set # 41025
39 pieces
Ages 5-12
Released 2013

The puppy's face just says, "Will you play with me?" How can you resist?


Completed Build

A puppy in a new color, brick patterned bricks, purple slopes and pink plates! There's also some bones and flower pieces. The puppy and the 3x3 pink plate are exclusive to this set.

Completed Build
This is titled Puppy's Playhouse, but there's not much playing to be had inside. The see-saw is cute and offers playability and movement in the set. The other two sets in the series are static. 

This puppy is adorable, but the artists rendition of the puppy on the bag is far cuter. That's not really a complaint so much as an observation, I guess. It's funny the dog looks more excited to play from the side, but from the front, it just appears to be posing.

Extra Pieces
There are five extra pieces including a bone and a bow.

This isn't my favorite animal of series 3, but it is my favorite for playability. I think kids will enjoy "training" the puppy to walk across the see-saw and enticing it with the bone.

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