Tuesday, April 2, 2013

SpongeBob: Heroic Heroes of the Deep [REVIEW]

This week I'll be talking about four different LEGO SpongeBob SquarePants sets I got from Target. They currently have a 20% off any SpongeBob set coupon available here. You must print (and use) by 05/18/13. I was able to print four coupons between two computers and get the sets that are available at Target. I realize these are older sets but it's never too late to pick one up!

Today I will be talking about the smallest of the four sets:

SpongeBob SquarePants Heroic Heroes of the Deep
Set # 3815
95 pieces
$14.99USD ($11.99 with coupon)
$0.16/piece ($0.13 with coupon)
Ages 5-12
Released 2011

Box Front
Box Back

This is a small set so the bags are not numbered. We have instructions, two bags, and a boat piece. 

I'll admit that I would have never considered these sets before if not for the coupons. But there are some really interesting pieces throughout that I am very happy with. I love the dark azure. I don't believe I have any pieces in that color. It's really pretty, and I hope to find a use for the color in the limited pieces it came in.

I love the printed burger recipe, printed life ring, dark azure ice cream,
clear jellyfish tops, silver wrenches, telephone, and Patrick's torso.

The build was easy, quick,and fun. It's a funky little boat with some flick missiles and room for two minifigures. Robot Plankton was a clever mini-build. 

Complete build

The minifigures are quite nice. Who doesn't love a superhero? SpongeBob and Patrick look like they mean business. Plankton is up to no good as usual.

Patrick, SpongeBob, and Plankton

There a few extra pieces, and who doesn't love that?

Overall I am not disappointed in this set. I am not a huge SpongeBob fan but I do like the different pieces included. Although, without the coupon I found, I would not have bought them at full price. Perhaps if they were on clearance.

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