Wednesday, April 3, 2013

SpongeBob: Glove World [REVIEW]

This week I'll be talking about four different LEGO SpongeBob SquarePants sets I got from Target. They currently have a 20% off any SpongeBob set coupon available here. You must print (and use) by 05/18/13. I was able to print four coupons between two computers and get the sets that are available at Target. I realize these are older sets but it's never too late to pick one up!

Next up is a medium set:

SpongeBob SquarePants Glove World
Set # 3816
169 pieces
$19.99USD ($15.99 with coupon)
$0.12/piece ($0.09 with coupon)
Ages 5-12
Released 2011

Box Front
Box Back

Inside we have instructions, a sticker sheet, and two numbered bags.

This set didn't have much that I was too excited for in the way of pieces, but I was happy to see the ice cream piece in brown. Here is what is in the first bag, which is used to build the park entrance and ice cream stand. They included a working turnstile, which was a nice play feature to see.

Contents of first bag. I love the red and blue small arches.
The fish man wants you to have ice cream!

In the second bag, there are ten medium blue 1x2 tiles, which I love to use in MOCs. This was a fun build. The play feature of the Ferris wheel is my favorite of all four sets. I was pleased with the way it turned out.

Contents of second bag
Spin it slow, it is a nice Ferris Wheel. Spin it fast and you get a thrill ride!

This build was not challenging, and a nice surprise when finished. Every time the Ferris wheel was in front of me on my desk, I could not resist turning it!

Entire build. I do not put stickers on my LEGO. It just doesn't feel right. I much prefer printed pieces.

The minifigures have wonderful little details. The ice cream man's shirt is cute and complete with bow tie. Sandy has her helmet so she doesn't die. I'm really glad LEGO figured that out. We can't have her drown! Patrick is a mess from his ice cream. SpongeBob is just happy to be anywhere. I think it is really cool that they made custom molds for everyone's head.

Ice cream fish man, Sandy, Patrick, and SpongeBob.

We don't have many extra pieces, but any extras are always nice.

This set was definitely worth the discounted price. Great playability, nice pieces, and cute minifigures. I recommend this set for the little ones.

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