Monday, January 6, 2014

Friends: Fawn's Forest [REVIEW]

Fawn's Forest
Set # 41023
35 pieces
Ages 5-12
Released 2013

This was the animal I was most looking forward to in series 3. The fawn looked so adorable. 

Bag Contents
For such a small set, we get a lot of interesting parts. Leaf pieces, a mushroom, cherries, and the fawn itself. 

Completed Build
The build didn't take long, nor is it complex, but it is cute. I love the flowers in the trees, and the dish holding the cherries. The scene comes off as serene.

The fawn is even cuter than I had originally thought. I would have liked to see some spots towards the rump a la "Bambi" but that's the only thing I have an issue with.

Extra Pieces
There is an extra cherry, yellow flower, pink 1x1 round plate, and a bow, which I forgot to put in the picture (oops).

I think kids will love the fawn, and the adults will probably just want the pieces. It's a high price per piece, but having an original animal makes it worth it to me.

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