Friday, April 5, 2013

SpongeBob: Bikini Bottom Undersea Party [REVIEW]

This week I'll be talking about four different LEGO SpongeBob SquarePants sets I got from Target. They currently have a 20% off any SpongeBob set coupon available here. You must print (and use) by 05/18/13. I was able to print four coupons between two computers and get the sets that are available at Target. I realize these are older sets but it's never too late to pick one up!
Now, finally, we have the largest of the four sets:

SpongeBob SquarePants Bikini Bottom Undersea Party
Set # 3818
471 pieces
$49.99USD ($39.99 with coupon)

$0.11/piece ($0.08 with coupon)
Ages 6-12
Released 2012

Box Front
Box Back
I bought this set for the palm leaves (again) and all of that orange! 

In the box we have four bags, a sticker sheet (ugh) and instructions.

The first bag makes all of the smaller play features of the set and the five minifigures.

Bag 1 contents

There are some great details. The tiki bar includes a mini fridge for frozen treats, the see saw and merry-go-round really move, and the records on the DJ booth rotate. You may make the required record scratching noises now.

Tiki bar, see saw, merry-go-round, and DJ booth with speakers

The second bag contains the pieces for Squidward's house. It's mostly gray, and has useful parts. There are a lot of nice slopes, and the door is always nice to have. I didn't have any blue (I call them umbrellas) pieces before, so I am happy to get those as well.

Bag 2 contents

The LEGO designers really did a great job making the face in Squidward's house. All of those gray slopes create that great stone look. It has three levels. The bottom level houses his clarinet and plant. The next has his easel, chair, and table. The top level has an overhead lamp and a present.

Full views of Squidward's house

The third and fourth bags combine to make SpongeBob's pineapple house. I love all of the orange. I need to do something with it. One of my favorite pieces is the porthole window. And I get two! The really large orange umbrella is pretty sweet too.

Bag 3 contents

Bag 4 contents

The outside has a great little detail with pineapple spikes sticking out. Inside, we have SpongeBob's bed, which you can launch him out of. Gary has a feeding area, and there is a plant on a shelf.

Front and back views of SpongeBob's house

The set all together looks so nice! Squidward is getting a drink (or maybe a piece of cake) at the tiki bar, SpongeBob and Gary are on the see saw, Mrs. Puff is on the merry-go-round, and Patrick is playing those records 'til the break of dawn!

Everyone is having so much fun!

We have four official minifigures, and a little Gary mini build. Everyone is dressed for the party. Let's get down!

Squidward, SpongeBob, Gary, Mrs. Puff, and Patrick

There are extra pieces. I'm not sure if the 1x3 white tile is really supposed to be an extra. I'm thinking of it as a bonus instead.

This set was totally worth $40! Not $50, at least, not to me. My favorite part is SpongeBob's house. It was such a clever build, and it really looks like a pineapple!

Now that I've reviewed all four sets, let's put them in order of my favorites:
  1. 3818 Bikini Bottom Undersea Party - This set is large, has lots of playability, has great color, and was so fun to build!
  2. 3816 Glove World - I loved this set because of the parts included, and the Ferris wheel was very clever and a blast to play with.
  3. 3817 The Flying Dutchman - Who doesn't love anything to do with pirates? The little island has great techniques and the ship is too cute. The ship is small though, especially compared to the boat in 3815.
  4. 3815 Heroic Heroes of the Deep - I did like this set but it was a little lackluster. I know, it's a small set, it's just missing something for me.
I hope you all enjoyed my trip to Bikini Bottom. Do you have any of these sets? Which are your favorites?


  1. I love your overhead shots of all the pieces - I think you convinced me to put this one on my list of sets to get!

    1. I'm so glad! It's really a great set. I was happy the coupon came along, or I would have passed by on an awesome parts opportunity!